Learning About Salivary Gland Disorders And Their Impact On Your Health

The condition of our smile can say a lot about us. If we share it boldly and proudly, we appear confident and happy. Smiling hesitantly makes us appear uncertain and elusive. A beautiful smile has even been shown to improve our ability to advance within our careers, make love connections, and even maintain social circles. This means preserving oral health is important for more than just aesthetic reasons. While poor oral hygiene is a major cause of oral health problems, they aren’t the only source. Some conditions, such as salivary gland disorders, can occur irrespective of our oral hygiene habits. Learning about these conditions can help you identify when you may need to see the team at Countryside Smiles for expert dental care.

Learning About Salivary Gland Disorders And Their Impact On Your Health

While we generally don’t think much about our saliva unless we’re hungry, thirsty, or spent the night sleeping with our mouths open, it’s an important part of our oral health. Saliva plays many essential roles in our body’s natural defense of teeth and oral tissues. When we don’t produce enough of it, our teeth and gums are at greater risk of becoming impacted by bacteria. Further, saliva helps to protect the lining of our mouth by keeping it moist and healthy.

Salivary Gland Disorders put our oral health at risk by impacting the health and functioning of the glands that produce saliva. These disorders can occur because of a bacterial or viral infection, salivary gland stones, and conditions such as Sjögren’s syndrome. This last condition interferes with the normal healthy functioning of our salivary glands and tear ducts. 

While the specific symptoms of each cause of salivary gland disorder can vary, the following is a list of the ones that most of them have in common:

  • Neck or facial swelling
  • Abnormal tastes
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Recurrent infections of the salivary glands
  • Trouble opening the mouth

These symptoms are just the beginnings of the oral health issues you may face with a salivary gland disorder. Our saliva helps keep our mouths at a certain pH level that is hostile to the bacteria that produce tooth decay. It also acts to wash bacteria and food debris off our teeth and out of our mouths. The lack of sufficient saliva can also make it difficult to speak, chew, taste, and swallow effectively. 

Learn More About Salivary Gland Disorder With Us

The team at Countryside Smiles helps patients manage oral health concerns such as those caused by salivary gland disorders. We’ll help educate you on your oral health concerns and the potential ramifications that can occur if they remain untreated. We can help you discuss your concerns with your physician and take steps to treat your oral health concerns by working alongside them. We’re here to ensure that your smile stays vibrant and beautiful over a lifetime, so give our offices a call at (972) 957-7610 or come visit our team in Murphy, TX, today!