Dental Emergency Services

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Dental accidents are a common experience, especially in younger patients and those who live active lifestyles. No matter when your emergency occurs, the team at Countryside Smiles is available to help patients in Murphy, TX. Dental emergencies require immediate attention to help protect the health of your smile and improve your chances of maintaining your smile. The longer you avoid seeking treatment, the greater the likelihood of lasting consequences for your smile.

How Countryside Smiles Helps With Dental Emergencies

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that dental injuries can be the source of distress and significant pain. People frequently fail to plan for what to do when a dental emergency strikes, leaving them waiting too long to get care. Dental emergencies must be treated rapidly to preserve your smile for years to come. Below are some of the most common dental emergencies that occur:

  • Toothaches: Tooth pain can range in severity from irritating to completely debilitating. Even mild dental pain can make it difficult to focus, cause insomnia, and be the source of significant stress. The proper care for dental pain depends on the source, with antibiotics being the base solution for infection. If your tooth has gotten chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged other treatments may be necessary.
  • Tooth displacement: Many people make the mistake of thinking that when a tooth is knocked out it can’t be replaced. This is a misconception that has doubtless caused the loss of many a tooth that could have been saved. It pays to know what to do when a tooth has been knocked out. If it happens to you, do the following:
    • Grasp the crown and gently pick up the tooth
    • Get rid of dirt and debris by rinsing in cool water
    • For adults, place the tooth back in its socket.
    • For children, or when replacement isn’t possible, put it in milk, or a cheek pocket.
    • Ensure the tooth remains moistened throughout the trip to get care.
    • Seek care immediately
  • Dental Infections: Dental infections can be a cause for serious concern. Infection can do more than just cause pain. It can damage the gingival tissue, break down the jawbone, and in severe cases cause life-threatening issues. Seek help immediately when you believe an infection may be present.

How Countryside Smiles Can Help

The first step in your visit for a dental emergency will involve receiving a full assessment of the damage. You’ll be asked questions about the precipitating event, and get a physical examination of the affected area. You may have to undergo dental imaging to find any hidden concerns. Immediate treatment will be provided to address the current concern. On certain occasions, it will become necessary to schedule the next stage of treatment. When dental emergencies occur, Countryside Smiles in Murphy, TX is there for you.

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