Common Denture Problems and How To Treat Them

When we’re missing teeth, it impacts more than just the aesthetics of our smile. Missing teeth can impact our self-confidence, negatively impact the health of our remaining teeth, and result in permanent changes to the bones of our jaw. Dentures provide an essential solution to many of these concerns. Dentures have advanced a lot over the centuries, that they’ve been in use. Modern dentures look more natural and durable and provide more benefits than ever. Countryside Smiles is proud to provide dentures that can help restore your smile and be an enduring solution to your missing teeth.

Typical Denture Problems And How Countryside Smiles Can Treat Them

While modern dentures are superior to many of the examples that have occurred over the years, it’s still possible for them to develop problems. Thankfully, these problems occur less frequently and can be addressed with minimal complications. When enjoying the benefits of beautiful dentures, pay attention if any of the following problems develop.

  • Halitosis – Dentures need to be kept up and cleaned nightly. Without consistent hygiene, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay can accumulate and cause bad breath. You can avoid this by ensuring to clean your dentures regularly by following the instructions provided by our team.
  • Dry Mouth – Dry mouth is a problem that denture wearers often experience and can have consequences if left unmanaged. It can aggravate halitosis and promote the decay of remaining teeth. Our team of experts can provide options for addressing dry mouth, but it starts by ensuring you stay properly hydrated.
  • Difficulty Chewing – Properly fitted dentures should provide a natural chewing and speaking experience. While new denture wearers may experience some difficulty for a short time, it should become easier as they get used to them. If you’ve been wearing dentures for a while and are finding new difficulties with chewing and speaking, come in to have your dentures checked.
  • Excessive Salivation – Sometimes, when patients are new to wearing dentures, they may be more prone to producing saliva than usual. However, it should become less prominent as you become accustomed to them. However, if something has changed how your dentures fit, excessive saliva production may begin again. This is a sign to come to check in with our team.
  • Issues With Fit – With some types of dentures, your oral cavity may continue to experience physical changes as time goes by. If you discover that your dentures are fitting as well as they once did, it’s time to come in for an adjustment.

These are just some of the potential issues that can develop. You may also notice additional pain in your temporomandibular joint or other parts of your oral cavity. All of these are signs it’s time to see our team of experts.

See Countryside Smiles For Your Denture Needs

Whether you’re looking into getting dentures to restore your smile or have been living with them for years, we’re here. We can help you choose the style of denture that’s right for you and addresses your oral health needs. If you begin to develop problems related to your dentures, we can help correct them and restore a comfortable fit. Whatever you need, call us at (972) 957-7610 to schedule your next appointment.