Dental Onlay: A Quick and Affordable Correction for Broken Teeth

When you experience an injury that results in a chipped or cracked tooth, it’s time to act quickly. Whether the damage results from decay or sudden trauma, getting it resolved as soon as possible ensures no further damage to your teeth occurs. Dental onlays effectively address cracks, chips, and loose fillings in a lasting way. These dental restorations bond firmly to the surface of your tooth and can provide the protection you need while being aesthetically pleasing. Countryside Smiles is proud to offer this versatile and effective solution to patients seeking dental restorations in Murphy, TX. Learn more about how dental onlays can help restore your smile and protect your teeth for years.

How Dental Onlays Make Restoration Dentistry Easy and Affordable

As dental restorations, dental onlays are able to repair teeth with significant decay or damage while strengthening the tooth and restoring their aesthetic appearance. Unlike traditional fillings that are directly placed into a prepared cavity, onlays are based on the impression of a tooth to ensure the result is a perfect fit. Traditional fillings often require removing more of the remaining healthy tissue to be effective. Dental onlays require the removal of a minimum of additional tissue and are a perfect match for the space in the tooth. Further, they can be tinted to match the color of the tooth perfectly, resulting in a near-invisible repair.

There are numerous benefits to receiving dental onlays. Among these benefits are:

  • Conservative Approach To Care – As mentioned previously, receiving a dental onlay preserves as much of the original healthy tissue as possible. Traditional dental crowns require removing a significant amount of the remaining tooth before placement.
  • Perfect Fit – Since they’re based on an impression rather than being built in place, dental onlays are always perfect for your tooth. This allows them to form a stronger bond, creating a more natural-looking restoration. Further, this perfect fit ensures they can last longer as they’re only under normal stresses.
  • Color Matched – Another important benefit of receiving onlays is that the material they’re traditionally made from can perfectly match your natural tooth color. This ensures that they are nearly impossible to detect and restore the full natural beauty of your smile.
  • Lasting Durability – The materials used to construct onlays are durable and long-lasting, ensuring they can withstand years of wear and tear without complication. 
  • Tooth Strengthening – In addition to restoring the appearance of your smile, the onlays effectively strengthen your teeth by up to 75%. This starkly contrasts traditional metal fillings, which have been shown to weaken the tooth by up to 50%.

Dental onlays are an affordable, effective, and attractive way of addressing chips and breaks in your smile. 

Learn More About Dental Onlays With Us

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