Ensuring Your Children Develop Good Oral Health Habits

Our children’s oral health is an essential part of their overall health. This importance begins before the primary teeth ever start to come in. Once they start to erupt, they must receive the proper care to last as long as possible. Permanent teeth are crucial to the development of the orofacial area. They impact the placement of teeth, ensure enough room for them to grow in, and come in straight and healthy. This means it’s essential that we begin establishing important oral hygiene habits early in their life. Starting early means we can ensure that these become ingrained habits that last a lifetime.

Ensuring Your Children Develop Good Oral Health Habits

Of all the tips and tricks we could give you about establishing good oral hygiene habits in your children, there’s most important one. Actively involve your children in the process. Nothing will get a child to adopt a new habit like giving them agency. Agency is the feeling that they have power in making decisions that affect their lives. Failing to do this one simple thing can undermine the entire set of habits you’re trying to teach them. They may dig in their heels, show resentment, and avoid following good hygiene habits because they feel forced to do them. There are some great ways you can involve your child in the process, including:

  • Ask For Their Opinion – It’s common for parents to make choices for their children. They may get the products they think they’ll like and may often be correct in their choices. However, they miss the opportunity to engage their child in the learning process. Let them come with you to pick out their favorite toothbrush, toothpaste, and other products.
  • Give Them Options For Dental Visits – While the date and time of their dental visits do need to fit your schedule, try to give them choices. Let them decide which specific day and time they want to see the dentist if choices are available. Let them pick out their clothes for that day or decide where you’re going to stop to eat.
  • Make It A Family Affair – Spending time together doing oral hygiene can make it a special bonding moment. Set up a time each night, turn on music, and take the time to care for your teeth together. This can build important memories and continues to give them agency in their dental care.

These tips are practical starting points for establishing a lifetime of good oral health. You can also reference your dentist to get additional tips.

Ask Your Dentist For Guidance On Teach Oral Hygiene

Your dentist has been helping patients develop good oral health habits for their whole careers. They’re a great resource for the latest tips and tricks and for teaching children to develop good oral hygiene habits. They’ll also be able to suggest good products for your child to choose from and will even give them their first toothbrush! Making it a fun and engaging time ensures they’ll look forward to caring for their teeth!