Cosmetic Teeth Bonding

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A beautiful, confident smile can win over someone before you share your first words. Unfortunately, many of us live our lives with discolored, stained, or chipped teeth that make first impressions difficult. There are cosmetic options available that can address even the messiest aesthetic concerns. Dental bonding can help create a lovely white smile while not breaking the bank. Countryside Smiles is happy to provide this cosmetic option to its patients in the Murphy, TX area.

The Versatile Power Of Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Cosmetic dental bonding is a procedure utilizing a special composite resin to address minor imperfections and aesthetic concerns. Bonding is a treatment used to address a variety of common complaints and is capable of handling multiple minor issues simultaneously. Some common examples of concerns treatable with cosmetic bonding include:

  • Teeth with gaps between them
  • Teeth that are shaped irregularly or have become chipped
  • Teeth that are cracked or have become fractured
  • Decay and discoloration resulting from any source
  • Teeth that are visibly shorter
  • Protecting roots that have become exposed

Cosmetic bonding can be an approachable solution for those who are unable to take advantage of veneers. Veneers also require the removal of healthy dental enamel, unlike cosmetic bonding. This and the lower price-point of bonding make it a popular choice.

The process of receiving cosmetic dental bonding is relatively straightforward. It begins with a simple cleaning to ensure that all existing plaque and tartar have been removed. Once this has been successfully finished, your dentist will mix the resin so that its color matches your natural tone. The surface will be prepared to receive the resin compound, and our team will then begin applying it. In some cases, this will be preceded by administering a local anesthetic. This is most often done when drilling is required or the dental surface needs to be smoothed over.

Applying the bonding compound is done in layers, with each layer hardened with the use of a bright ultraviolet light that speeds curing. Once the final layer is in place, they’ll smooth the dental surface and polish it. The whole procedure can take up to an hour per tooth, depending on the state of the tooth. You’ll want to take care in the days to come as there may be some sensitivity in the treated tooth. This typically passes within a week or so. Be sure to contact our office if you experience ongoing discomfort after the treatment.

Schedule Your Bonding Consultation To Learn More

Now is a great time to discover that cosmetic dental bonding is right for your aesthetic dental concerns. Our team in Murphy, TX, is capable of addressing multiple cosmetic concerns with the use of cosmetic bonding. Your cosmetic dentistry journey starts with a trip to the Countryside Smiles offices to get a consultation. During this visit, you’ll undergo a full exam, your cosmetic dental concerns will be heard, and options for treatment suggested. Don’t let an imperfect smile stop you from living your best life. Contact us today for an appointment!

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