Cosmetic Veneers

dentist using shade guide at woman's mouth

At Countryside Smiles, our practice works to provide our patients with a beautiful, healthy smile. As part of our practice, we can provide dental veneers to help correct signs of discoloration, chips, gaps, and other dental issues to bring out your best smile. Veneers, also known as lumineers, are thin shells that adhere to the surface of your teeth and protect them from further damage. These thin shells also work to enhance your smile and give you healthier teeth.

How Do Dental Veneers Work?

Beyond its aesthetically pleasing appearance, veneers work to protect the outer surface of the teeth and prevent any further damage. Trauma, discolorations, and enamel erosion are the most common issues that can be treated with veneers. Through the use of porcelain or composite resin, these thin shells can provide an excellent solution for many dental issues and can completely change a person’s smile in an instant. At our practice, we recommend veneers as treatment options for those with dental issues such as:

  • Bruxism: For those with bruxism, this condition can cause the teeth to grind down and affect the enamel’s strength and thus can impact the health and appearance of a person’s smile. Teeth that have lost their former shape can be repaired using dental veneers as a protective cover.
  • Chipped/Broken Teeth: Traumatic accidents can cause the teeth to become severely damaged, and veneers can help protect the teeth from further damage.
  • Poor Dental Alignment: For those with overall poor dental alignment, whether resulting from trauma or malocclusion, veneers can act as a cover for those imperfections.
  • Heavy Discoloration: Signs of heavy discoloration from intrinsic stains that cannot be corrected with teeth whitening procedures can be permanently treated with veneers.

Veneers don’t only provide an attractive solution but also a practical one. For patients wishing to avoid complete restorations or tooth extractions, veneers are a way to correct minor dental problems and protect damaged enamel. Veneers work especially to protect enamel that’s been damaged from acidic foods, dental fluorosis, and heavy cavity damage and can provide many with long-lasting oral health and help regain their healthy smile.

Our Veneer Treatment Options at Countryside Smiles

Under the guidance of Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Gill, our dentists will first assess your oral health to diagnose any conditions or health issues that may prevent you from getting veneers. Once we’ve determined what treatments plans will work best with you, our team will create digital impressions of your teeth to fabricate your veneers, either using porcelain, composite resin, or other materials and give you an aesthetically pleasing smile that’ll last. Our practice takes pride in its ability to provide dental services to our communities in Murphy, TX. At Countryside Smiles, we work to create treatment plans that suit all of your needs and work with patients to foster a professional relationship that’ll last a lifetime. If you would like to learn more about veneers and other restorative treatment options, contact Countryside Smiles today to arrange an appointment with us.

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