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It’s quite common to see patients come into our office complaining of morning soreness in the jaw and headaches. Some report waking up in the night from this pain or finding chips and wear on their teeth that they can’t account for. For many of these patients, the answer is bruxism or the clenching and grinding of teeth. This condition affects many people while sleeping but can also occur during the day. Countryside Smiles can help by providing effective night guards to protect your teeth while you sleep.

Is Bruxism The Source Of A.M. Headaches and Sore Jaws

Especially in today’s stressful world, it’s common for many people to grind and clench their jaws while they sleep. This grinding is a nightly occurrence; for others, it only happens when stress is particularly high. This behavior represents a simple outlet for your mind to handle unmanaged stress while your body rests. For some, this condition doesn’t present with any symptoms. For others, constant discomfort and damaged teeth can be the result.

Even those experiencing symptoms may be unaware of their nighttime behaviors. Once they’re made aware that clenching and grinding may cause their concerns, patterns begin to be recognized. It becomes clear that this isn’t merely nighttime behavior in many of these patients. It commonly occurs during the day as well in many sufferers.

A night guard can help symptoms of bruxism a great deal. Not wearing a night guard can result in:

  • Worsening jaw pain
  • Symptoms of temporomandibular disorder (TMJ)
  • Teeth that become cracked, fractured, or broken
  • Persistent morning headaches

In addition, you may notice that the biting surface of your teeth begins to flatten and smooth. This damage happens as grinding your teeth wears away at the enamel in these areas. The outcome can be damage to the teeth, but you may begin to experience dental sensitivity before this. The repairs for these concerns can be costly, including dental crowns, root canals, or even extraction if our team cannot save the tooth. Wearing a properly fitted night guard can go a long way to protecting your long-term oral health.

Don’t Skimp On Getting A Night Guard

Wearing a dental night guard is the most effective way to prevent ongoing damage from bruxism. While you can address the underlying cause of bruxism, the damage to your teeth will continue until it is. When picking a night guard, you want to ensure that it is properly fitted to ensure maximum protection and relief from symptoms. While it may be less costly to pick up one from your local pharmacy, you cannot guarantee a proper fit with these. Invest in the health of your teeth by stopping by our clinic in Murphy, TX, to get fitted for a night guard. It’s the best way to protect your smile and prevent costly repairs!

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