Dental Bridges

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Over half of all American adults have reported having three or more teeth that are decayed or missing. In cases where the gap created by a missing tooth has a remaining tooth on each side, that gap can be closed successfully. Dental bridges are a permanently affixed solution used in cases where a partial denture might otherwise be used. Countryside Smiles can provide effective restoration treatment if you’ve had to have teeth extracted.

How Dental Bridges Are Able To Restore Your Smile

The foundation of every bridge is one or two crowns set onto existing teeth. Using these crowns as a support for a prosthesis known as a pontic, our team can close gaps in your smile and restore functionality. Bridges become necessary when trauma or decay has led to the extraction of one or more teeth. The teeth adjacent to the hole are shaped to accept two crowns connected by the pontic restoration. In cases where there are in excess of two adjacent teeth are missing, the bridge may require an implant to support it.

Dental Bridge Options At Countryside Smiles

  • Traditional Dental Bridge – The most commonly used style of bridge is the one we described above. It is a time-tested design that has shown itself to be reliable and durable.
  • Cantilever Bridge – In cases where only a single tooth is available to support the bridge, our team may use a cantilever bridge. However, since only a single abutment is used to support the bridge, they are less durable and reliable than traditional bridges. They tend to come loose or fracture while in use.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge – Our team may suggest an implant-supported bridge when multiple adjacent teeth have been extracted. The bridge can receive the support it needs by placing a dental implant into the jawbone with an additional abutment.
  • Maryland Bridge – This style of bridge is used infrequently due to some inherent issues with its design. A metal support is affixed to them rather than placing crowns on the teeth adjacent to the gap created by missing teeth. This has been shown to be less stable than other forms of bridge and runs the risk of damaging healthy teeth.

The specific details of your oral health will determine which of these four bridges are selected to address your missing teeth.

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