Dental Implants

Dental implants

Dental implants have been revolutionized over the past 70 years, as these restorative methods for tooth replacement have become the perfect way to improve a beautiful smile, especially for those who have lost their teeth. Dental implants are seen as one of the best ways to improve someone’s oral health due to their ability to stimulate the jawbone, which helps integrate the implant in place and helps stabilize it overall. For many patients with lost teeth, dental implants and other surgical methods have been able to help provide people with newer smiles like never before. At Countryside Smiles, we’re here to provide implants to help restore the natural function of your teeth.

Implants and Oral Surgery at Countryside Smiles

Dental implants are a multi-stage process – depending on the condition you’re faced with, our team of dentists will work to diagnose your condition firsthand to determine if titanium implants are the best option for you. This restoration method can help resolve issues of missing teeth and can drastically impact the structure of a person’s smile. Beyond aesthetics, dental implants provide huge health benefits. Having missing teeth can often lead to the adjacent teeth becoming misshapen, leading to an elevated risk of cavities and gum disease.

The Steps For Our Implant Procedure

Dr. Gill can provide patients with new restorations that’ll last through the use of oral surgery and implant procedures. Implants work best for those with healthy teeth and gums beyond the missing tooth, don’t smoke, and have very good bone density to support the implant post. Once your candidacy is determined, our team at Countryside Smiles will perform surgical implants under the following steps:

  • Initial Cleaning and Exam: Our team will identify all existing oral health problems during the first step, developing a treatment plan. A dental cleaning will help eliminate any bacteria present and help prepare the mouth for an implant procedure.
  • Necessary Extractions: Those remaining teeth will be removed during a separate visit if any teeth require extractions.
  • Titanium Post Implant: Once fully healed from the extraction, your dentist will place you under general anesthesia and begin surgically placing the implant posts into the jawbone. Once placed, the gums will be stitched, and over the next few weeks, your dentist will observe your healing rate and the success of the implant post.
  • Placement of Prosthesis: Once the surgical site finishes healing, your dentist will fabricate a replacement tooth prosthesis attached to the implant post. We’ll reopen the surgical site, and the prosthesis will be attached to the post; depending on the steps needed, it may be a temporary or permanent tooth replacement.
  • Recovery: The recovery stage will involve extra care and follow-up appointments to help keep track of the surgical site and ensure that the area heals properly. Once fully healed, you’ll have a new replacement tooth that’ll keep you smiling!

For more information about our surgical procedures, types of implant posts we use, and other factors related to restorative treatment, contact Countryside Smiles today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jaspreet Gill in Murphy, TX today.

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