denture of the upper jaw

Dentures have a long history in dentistry as a solution for those who have lost one or more teeth. Tooth loss is commonly the result of trauma or tooth decay that has led to a tooth needing to be removed. While early dentures were made of questionable materials (including animal teeth), modern dentures are comfortable to wear and use. Our team in Murphy, TX, can provide a range of options in a style that will suit your natural smile.

Complete Denture Solutions at Countryside Smiles

There are a few common types of dentures available in modern dentistry. All types of dentures fall into two categories, complete and partial. Partial dentures are used when an arch still retains natural teeth. A complete denture is used when the upper or lower arch has no remaining healthy teeth. In some cases, a patient with one or two remaining healthy teeth will have the remaining healthy teeth removed and opt for dentures. Two other classifications of denture exist as well:

  • Conventional Dentures – These dentures have been the most common form for many years. When the last tooth that needs to be extracted is removed, up to three months will be allowed for the gum and jaw to heal. At this point, a set of dentures is created to match the new shape of the gumline. Jawbone tends to shrink when teeth have been removed. Waiting for it to heal ensures the dentures won’t slip.
  • Immediate Dentures – In modern dentistry, it’s possible to design dentures that can be put in place as soon as the teeth have been removed. While this provides convenience for the patient, it also adds extra visits to adjust the dentures as the jawbone changes. This also adds expense to receiving dentures.

Complete dentures are a wonderful solution for those with a whole arch or more teeth removed. Using this prosthesis, they’re able to enjoy their favorite foods again, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. However, they aren’t an appropriate solution for those who seek to keep their remaining healthy teeth.

Partial dentures are the appropriate solution in this instance. These dentures are designed with a metal wire that fits around existing teeth for support. Once secured in place, they restore the missing functionality the original teeth provided. They can be removed regularly to be cleaned in the same manner as complete dentures.

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Dentures are an effective and often affordable solution for restoring the functionality and appearance of your smile. Our team will work with you to help determine the best denture solution for you. Once this is determined, a treatment plan will be developed to get you into your new smile as soon as possible! Contact us for an appointment today!

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