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Having a toothache can be as simple as a cavity but as complex as a tooth infection. During times when cavities become too extreme and uncontrollable, most dentists resort to tooth extractions. However, there’s another option for those with severe toothaches, and that’s a root canal procedure. Root canals procedures help clean out the infected areas of the tooth while leaving the tooth’s structure intact. At Countryside Smiles, we’re here to provide our patients in the Murphy, TX area with root canal procedures that leave their teeth healthy and pain-free.

How Root Canal Procedures Eliminate Pain

Root canal procedures are the counter-option to tooth extractions, focusing on the inner working of the tooth to resolve issues of pain, swelling, and tenderness associated with an infected or necrotic tooth. Infected teeth happen when the bacteria alongside our enamel finds its way past the dentin and into the inner pulp, infecting the pulp. Necrotic pulp is the next stage of infection, where the bacteria inside the tooth begin to kill off the pulp itself. During these stages, it’s important to recognize that root canal procedures are considered one of the best ways to treat teeth with internal infections and necrotic tissue and, for many provide a significant amount of pain relief.

Having a root canal procedure can help clean out the tooth and seal it from getting reinfected with bacteria. While root canal treatments have the reputation of being incredibly painful, root canals are performed safely under the guidance of Dr. Jaspreet Gill using anesthesia, technical skill, and compassionate care. At Countryside Smiles, we perform root canal procedures under the following steps:

  • Diagnosis and Planning: Before beginning the procedure, Dr. Gill will observe the inside of your tooth using x-rays and cone-beam computed technology to observe where the infection is within the tooth.
  • Local   Anesthesia: Before the procedure, Dr. Gill will administer local anesthesia to the site to prevent the onset of pain during the procedure. The area will then be surrounded by a dental dam to prevent uncontrolled moisture and debris from entering the tooth.
  • Tooth Opened: The tooth is then opened using a drill, and once the area is fully opened, the interior of the tooth will be thoroughly cleansed of infection and pulp.      
  • Filling The Tooth: The interior of the tooth is then filled with gutta-percha, a material somewhat like rubber. This material protects the inner tooth from being reinfected with bacteria and creates a tight seal.
  • Temporary Outer Cap: The affected tooth is then sealed with a temporary cover or crown to ensure that the infection doesn’t return. The permanent restoration will then be fabricated and will replace the temporary cap.

Our Root Canal Treatments At Countryside Smiles

Root canal treatments are some of the best pain-relieving treatments dentists have to offer for those suffering from severe toothaches and dental pain. This procedure works to preserve your natural tooth and provide protective benefits that allow it to last for life. For more information about our root canal procedure, contact us today to schedule a visit with us in Murphy, TX.

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