Sports Mouth Guards

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As more children participate in sports, many children can easily suffer from unintentional injuries, especially face and jawline injuries. Dental injuries are among the most frequent injuries sustained in sports, and wearing a protective mouthguard can help protect the teeth, jawbone, and supporting gums from permanent damage. To help prevent the onset of these types of injuries, Countryside Smiles provide patients and their families in the Murphy, TX area with athletic mouth guard options to help protect them in sports.

How An Athletic Mouthguard Prevents Traumatic Injuries

Tooth fractures, displacements, head concussions, gum tissue injuries, and injuries to the temporomandibular joint can all happen while participating in your favorite sport. These injuries are just a few among many, as those who don’t wear a mouthguard during sports often face long-term dental problems that cost time and money. To resolve this nationwide issue, mouth guards are one of the best ways to prevent injuries during a concussion and help reduce the costs related to dental care.

At Countryside Smiles, our team can provide custom-fitted mouthguards that are affordable and will properly fit in the mouth, providing the retention and protection needed for the teeth, gums, and jaw. Custom-fitted mouthguards may sound like an unnecessary expense. Still, we’re here to provide an outline of available mouth guards to help provide you with the resources necessary for tooth and jaw protection:

  • Stock Athletic Mouthguard: Stock mouth guards are inexpensive that you can easily find in sporting goods stores. These provide a minimal amount of protection, but the fit on these types of mouthguards doesn’t always help prevent concussions. These mouth guards can impact sleep and sometimes even contribute to tooth and gum damage if they’re not fitted properly.
  • Boil and Bite Mouthguard: Boil and bite mouth guards are also available at any goods store and are considered the most popular type of mouth guard worn by athletes. While these mouthguards have better retention, they don’t always fit and don’t always prevent concussions.
  • Custom-Fitted Mouthguard: Custom-fitted mouthguards are considered a great option for those who need maximum protection while participating in sports. These devices are custom-fabricated by our dentists using FDA-approved materials and when fitted properly, can easily prevent facial concussions.

How We Provide Custom-Fitted Sports Mouthguards

Our dental assistants and dentists will first take an impression of your teeth and use that impression to make a model. That model with either be sent off to a dental laboratory or fabricated right in our office to create a retentive, snug-fitted mouthguard that will protect your teeth, gums, and jawbone during injury. Once we provide you with your mouthguard, we will also provide you with post-sport care for keeping your sports mouthguard clean and safe from infection and damage. Contact Dr. Jaspreet Gill today to arrange an appointment for more information about our sports mouth guards.

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