Tooth Extractions

Dental equipment holding an extracted tooth

Good oral hygiene routines should always be practiced, but in some cases, a tooth may need to be extracted. At Countryside Smiles, our team will work to provide you with the best options for treating your dental pain and will work with you to help prevent tooth loss. However, in cases where extractions are necessary, our team can perform tooth extractions and discuss replacement and repair options for the extracted tooth and surrounding areas.

When Does A Tooth Need To Be Extracted?

Tooth extractions are often performed when the state of the tooth is unable to support the person’s oral health. Our teeth are an essential part of maintaining our bodies, and losing even one tooth can present health consequences that harm our mouths in the long run. At Countryside Smiles, Dr. Jaspreet Gill and their team can perform tooth extractions during cases of:

  • Severe Tooth Decay: Severe tooth decay is considered one of the most common reasons for an extraction beyond wisdom teeth, as tooth decay can be harmful enough to degrade the tooth and spread to its adjacent teeth completely.
  • Advanced Periodontal Disease: Advanced periodontal disease can cause the tooth to become loose and infected and thus would require an extraction.
  • Dental Infection or Abscess: Tooth infections or infections present inside the pulp, and abscesses, also known as collections of pus and bacteria along with the tooth, can be highly harmful to a person’s oral health, and depending on the level of infection, may need to be extracted.
  • Orthodontic Correction: For correcting severe cases of malocclusion, performing a tooth extraction can help provide space for the teeth to move and adjust to their new position.
  • Fractured Teeth and Roots: Teeth harmed by trauma can be so severely damaged that the only solution provided is an extraction.
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth: All wisdom teeth need to be extracted, especially those impacted and unable to breach through the gumline.

Our Treatment Methods After A Tooth Extraction

Alongside extractions, we can provide dental infection treatment by prescribing antibiotics to help stop the spread of the abscess and relieve dental pain. In order to stabilize the mouth back to its healthy state, dental bone grafts can also be used. Bone grafts provide our team with the ability to transplant bone to repair and rebuild damaged bone loss, especially for those suffering from advanced periodontal disease and severe tooth decay. Both of these options can provide you with ways to recover from your extracted tooth and give your oral health the upper hand it needs to keep on smiling.

Countryside Smiles practices in Murphy, TX, under the guidance of Dr. Jaspreet Kaur Gill. We’re ready to work with patients and help them handle feelings of frustration, pain, and uncertainty when it comes to their oral health. Our professional knowledge and combined experience mean we can help determine your best course of action for optimal oral health. Tooth extractions may sometimes be necessary, but when that happens, our team at Countryside Smiles will be here for you.

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