Are standard braces still preferred to the Invisalign system?

Have you ever checked your smile in the mirror and wished to improve it? Is smile avoidance a standard part of your everyday habits? Are you hesitant to take the leap with braces because you don’t like their appearance? Advances in orthodontic care have made more treatments achievable without wire and bracket braces. The most significant innovation in this area came from clear aligners, the most well-known brand being Invisalign. The system was first introduced in the 90s on the back of an effective ad campaign and quickly saturated the market. This revolutionary invention has utterly changed the face of orthodontic care and made it more available and attractive to patients everywhere.

20 Years Of Improving Smiles With Invisalign

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Invisalign system utterly changed how millions of people viewed receiving orthodontic care. Clear aligners were available before launching their $31 million ad campaign, but none did what Invisalign offered. The original clear aligners entered the market in 1971, bringing a practical, invisible, and comfortable retainer to the masses. Invisalign’s creators looked at the existing technology and knew that something incredible was waiting to be discovered.

From its humble start as a simple retainer, the clear aligner was developed into an entire orthodontic treatment system. A broad range of orthodontic procedures that formerly required unsightly wire-and-bracket braces were now able to be completed using these fantastic new clear aligners. The process started with a simple mold from the patient’s mouth. This mold was then combined with orthodontic expertise to develop a series of trays that slowly altered the positioning of teeth in the patient’s mouth when worn. These trays were worn for one to two weeks before being exchanged for the next set. Once having transitioned through all the trays, the patient would have a straight, beautiful smile.

The Benefits Of Selecting A Clear Aligner System

Clear aligner systems remain incredibly popular due to the benefits they provide:

  • Comfortable – No brackets or wires means no sharp points within the mouth. This results in the clear aligners causing less irritation and are overall more comfortable than traditional braces.
  • Discrete – Clear aligners are more difficult for others to notice due to their transparent appearance. This helps wearers feel more comfortable and less self-conscious about their orthodontic care.
  • Removable – Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners only have to be worn for all but two hours a day. This makes it possible for the aligner to be removed by the patient for these two hours to allow for eating, more thorough cleansing of the aligner and their teeth, and other purposes. In addition, being able to remove these aligners meant –
  • Fewer Follow-Up Adjustments – While the patient would still need to see the dentist periodically throughout treatment, these visits are less frequent. Instead, the patient makes the adjustments themselves by moving to the next tray.

If you’re ready to experience the incredible benefits of orthodontic care using a clear aligner system, contact your dentist today. They’ll perform a complete exam and consultation to determine if clear aligners are suitable for your oral concerns.