What Are Peg Laterals And How Dentists Can Treat Them

When discussing peg laterals, this refers to a variation in the upper side incisors. This condition can cause these teeth to be unusually diminutive. They can even form a point when viewed alongside their general rectangle shape. This abnormality can happen on the mouth’s left, right, or both sides. One of the causes is that the teeth don’t grow properly, remaining diminutive. Because their shape resembles a peg, they were named peg laterals. These teeth appear in front of a person’s mouth when speaking or smiling. 

Common Causes and Treatments for Peg Laterals

The uppermost side incisors are between the center incisors and the canine teeth. Because the incisors affected are the anterior teeth, this is a noticeable and unpleasant problem for many individuals.

There are a few different causes of peg laterals. The most common are factors that no one can control, but that doesn’t make them any easier to deal with. They are:

  • Genetics:  In most cases, peg laterals are hereditary and can come from other family members with the same abnormality.
  • Developmental anomaly:  Sometimes, the teeth just do not form correctly.

There are some cases where the adult teeth never grow. This causes the baby teeth to remain in the place of the adult teeth, and this makes the teeth look exceptionally small when compared to other, larger teeth.

Treatment for this condition is purely cosmetic. Most of the time, it’s considered an inessential process. For this reason, many insurance companies won’t cover the procedure. While it is “cosmetic,” it can significantly enhance the appearance of the teeth affected. Not only does the procedure enhance the appearance, it can also improve how a person feels when they smile!

Peg Lateral Treatment Options For Your Smile

Dental Veneers –  These are shells for the teeth that are secured to remedy dental imperfections. This process is relatively non-invasive as it masks the appearance of the peg laterals without pulling or drilling into the teeth. Not only can veneers remedy peg laterals, but they’re also used for many other dental imperfections.

Dental Crowns – Depending on the size of the peg laterals, you may qualify for porcelain crowns. Unlike veneers that lay over the teeth, crowns are built around the entirety of the tooth. While they’re not as appealing in appearance as veneers can be, they are sturdier and longer-lasting than veneers in most cases.

Peg Lateral Bondings –This procedure is similar to crowns in that the bonding is structured around the tooth. Instead of Porcelain, these are made of resin composite, which is arguably the sturdiest option. It is a speedy procedure, generally taking place almost immediately to remedy the peg laterals.

Other treatments can be as simple as repositioning the teeth or using a retainer to correct their size. We can help determine what options you have available to you and what would be the best course of action.

Reach Out to Your Dentist for a Treatment Plan 

While peg laterals aren’t dangerous in any way, they can still be considered unpleasant and abnormal. Treating them might not seem necessary to insurance providers, but correcting the abnormality can boost self-confidence. The best way to determine which treatment is right for you is to contact your dentist and consult them. Whether it’s veneers, crowns, or peg lateral bondings, your dentist can walk you through what they feel is best for you and your needs.