How Can Gum Contouring Help Boost Smile Beauty?

Cosmetic dentistry can help you gain a more attractive smile if you have a gummy smile, which makes the teeth look uneven or shows too much gingival tissue. With gum contouring, we can reshape your gum line in just one visit to change the appearance of your mouth. Your confidence is even more when your gums are as healthy as your teeth.

How Can Gum Contouring Help Boost Smile Beauty?

As was already stated, this might aid in removing a gummy smile. Too much gingival tissue can make our teeth seem tiny, crooked, or uneven. These corners could be improved with treatment, restoring the smile’s attractiveness. But how does this work? 

  • Treatment Process: After thoroughly examining the smile, our team will mark the tissues that require removal or reshaping. The gum line is then carefully reshaped to enhance overall symmetry after we carefully remove these extra tissues using a dental laser. The lasers can accomplish this in just one session without causing any harm to healthy tissues. The use of lasers minimizes the danger of swelling, bleeding, and infection following the procedure, and anesthesia is rarely required.
  • The benefits of gum contouring: We can use these to make your smile look more attractive overall so you can laugh and smile for photos without fear and feel more at ease when meeting new people. What happens, though, if you have gum disease? The same technology could be used to carefully remove the diseased tissues from a more severe condition so that healthy tissues could adhere to the teeth and lessen the depth of periodontal pockets. Regular dental cleanings every three to four months allow us to control the illness going forward and protect your smile. In addition to enhancing the mouth’s aesthetics, we can work to combat periodontal disease and safeguard your smile from developing complications like adult tooth loss.

Your lips can be too high or too low for a variety of reasons. Your teeth may appear smaller if your gums extend over a significant part of them. This could be a product of genetics, a specific medical condition, or using specific prescription medications. Even just contouring your gums is regarded as aesthetic surgery. It is typically not medically essential. To enhance the appearance of their mouth, most people have their gums reshaped. On the other hand, some patients have gum contouring surgery as a component of other essential periodontal operations, like crown lengthening, pocket reduction, and regenerative procedures. Adding gum tissue where there has been a recession and trimming overgrown tissue that has partially obscured the tooth crown are examples of gum contouring operations that are not deemed cosmetic.

Let Countryside Smiles Contour Your Gums

The dentists at Countryside Smiles are qualified to perform various procedures. And gum contouring is one of them! When you leave our office, we know you’ll feel confident with your smile. Call Dr. Jaspreet Gill at (972) 957-7610 to schedule a consultation. If Dr. Gill discovers that gum contouring can help you, then we’ll schedule an appointment for your procedure.