A Complete Guide To Routine Dental Care

The most essential practice you can do to protect your oral health is to maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine. This means taking time daily to brush twice, floss, and rinse with an anti-bacterial mouthwash. Combined, these three practices can form a vanguard against tooth decay. However, there’s more to these practices than just a rote run of the toothbrush over your teeth with a little toothpaste. There are techniques involved that ensure that you get the best possible results from your hygiene practices. That’s why Countryside Smiles put together this complete guide to routine dental care to help our patients improve their dental hygiene practices.

Countryside Smiles’ Complete Guide To Dental Care

Let’s face it; any routine can be a struggle to maintain. Anyone who’s ever tried to develop good habits, get plenty of exercise, or get to bed earlier. Dental hygiene is another practice that can be hard to keep up with. However, it’s essential to do so and to do so correctly and well. If you’ve never been taught how to perform oral hygiene care properly or feel you could improve, this guide is for you. One thing to begin with, your oral hygiene products should all contain fluoride. This mineral can maintain the health of your enamel, remineralizing it against the earliest stages of decay. However, it cannot restore enamel that’s already lost.

Brushing correctly involves the following elements:

  • Twice a day, brushing is essential. It freshens your breath in the morning and protects your teeth at night.
  • Your brushing routine should take at least two minutes each time you brush. Use a song to time your brushing routine.
  • Each tooth needs to receive adequate attention, especially those in the back. They’re often missed, which can result in painful decay.
  • Your toothbrush should be held at a 45-degree angle to your teeth. This allows the brushes to dip beneath your gumline and remove debris and plaque hidden there.

During your brushing, be certain to check for any tenderness or bleeding. These are signs of gum disease and should be reported to Dr. Jaspreet Gill immediately. Flossing is a relatively simple process, and there are tools to make it easier. If you’ve struggled with holding your floss, then you can benefit from the floss holders that are available. They can be found in both reloadable and disposable varieties. While flossing, keep the strand taut against the contours of your tooth and be certain to get between each tooth. Follow your flossing routine with a rinse of water and then a rinse of anti-bacterial mouthwash.

Get More Tips During Your Visit To Countryside Smiles

You can always learn more about proper oral hygiene from your visit to our clinic. Make your next appointment with Dr. Jaspreet Gill by calling our office at (972) 957-7610. We’ll arrange for a consultation and dental exam at our Murphy, TX, clinic. During this visit, we’ll go over your oral health, identify problem areas, and suggest improvements you can make to your dental hygiene routine. We may also suggest products that we know to be effective at addressing oral health concerns you may be experiencing.