Trauma-Informed Pediatric Care And How It Protects Your Children

Patients who experience traumatic events must get the necessary care from qualified professionals. This type of care requires specific training and is known as trauma-informed dental care. Healthcare providers with this training work with these patients to ensure their dental care is provided in a compassionate and caring environment. Patients who have lived through these events often experience anxiety and depression that require special attention to ensure the best results. Countryside Smiles ensures its patients can meet their dental needs in an informed and caring environment by utilizing trauma-informed pediatric care.

Trauma-Informed Care And How It Protects Our Patients

Educating in trauma-informed care gives our team the tools they need to address trauma-sourced concerns. Trauma is a complex topic and can impact many areas of our patients’ lives. Dental care is one area that is already difficult for some patients due to previous bad experiences and dental anxiety. Traumatic events often include physical trauma that can leave patients feeling self-conscious and embarrassed about the appearance of their smile. Trauma-informed care ensures that we recognize the signs of traumatic stress and takes steps to limit its impact on our services.

One thing that adds complexity to recognizing trauma in our patients is that everyone experiences events differently. Some may come through an experience without lasting concerns, while the same event can leave another traumatized for a lifetime. The growing understanding of trauma and its impact on individuals has led to ongoing education to keep healthcare providers current. Some of the sources of trauma in dental patients include:

  • Fear of the dental drill is often sourced from urban myths.
  • Having experienced post-treatment discomfort or seeing it expressed in others.
  • Experiencing bullying due to having worn orthodontics.
  • Stress, pain, and anxiety caused by pain or injury from dental trauma.
  • Previous negative experiences with healthcare

We want to ensure we can provide effective care for a full range of patients. Those who struggle with trauma that impacts their ability to receive healthcare deserve extra care to ensure they can benefit from dental treatments. We provide multiple options to help alleviate these concerns, including sedation dentistry, calming techniques, relaxing music, and more. We also provide trauma-informed care for pediatric patients, who often require additional care to ensure they feel safe and enthusiastic about maintaining their oral health.

Learn More About Trauma-Informed Care at Countryside Smiles

When you bring your family to receive dental care at Countryside Smiles, you’ll know they’ll be receiving more than great oral treatments. They’ll be experiencing their care in an environment that provides a comfortable and compassionate experience. You can learn more about how we implement trauma-informed care in our clinic by contacting your team. Call us at (972) 957-7610 and schedule your next appointment today! We’ll arrange for you to meet with Dr. Jaspreet Gill or another team member at our office in Murphy, TX! We’re proud to be a dedicated provider of effective dental care for our community, and we look forward to meeting you and your family!