Let Your Smile Shine With Laser Whitening Treatments

Our smiles are such an essential part of our daily lives. They’re often the first impression someone new gets of us, and they can share how we’re feeling with others. The team at Countryside Smiles works closely with Dr. Jaspreet Gill to help provide our patients with healthy, dazzling smiles they can be proud of. Dental staining can be a serious problem and make us embarrassed to share our smiles. Thankfully, modern dentistry has provided amazing new technologies, like laser whitening, to help eliminate this staining and restore beauty and shine to our smiles.

Let Your Smile Shine With Laser Whitening Treatments

A captivating smile is more than just an aesthetic aspect of our appearance. A warm, confident smile can influence others and impact how they react to us during a first impression. Especially in the United States, a dazzling smile is often considered a sign of affluence and good health. Unfortunately, our teeth naturally dull and lose their brilliance over time. Our diets, medications, and habits like smoking and drinking can influence this. These factors can accelerate the rate at which our teeth take on discoloration. Dental whitening has been a popular treatment among patients seeking cosmetic dental care. Laser whitening has brought a whole new level of effectiveness and simplicity to this treatment option.

Some benefits of laser whitening include:

  • Precision: Laser whitening has the ability to specifically target problem areas in a way impossible with prior treatment options.
  • Safety: Focusing on the stained enamel means the gum tissues and unaffected teeth aren’t exposed to the treatment. 
  • Flexibility: Laser whitening can be used on any degree of discoloration and is effective against mild and deep staining.

Laser technology has made rejuvenating the brightness of our smile simple and effective. The entire dental experience is improved by avoiding messy pastes and shorter treatment times. Our smiles are an essential part of our story and remain in our memories and those of others. Everyone deserves to share their smile uninhibited, knowing it’s healthy and bright. The first steps you take towards improving your smile are transformative. They’re a commitment to your oral health and self-confidence. 

When you come in for a laser whitening treatment, you can anticipate the following steps to be part of your experience:

  • Preparation: You’ll undergo a dental exam and cleaning to identify concerns and remove any existing plaque or tartar.
  • Gel Application: A special gel will be applied directly to the target areas in preparation for your treatment. This gel contains a peroxide solution that will break down the proteins that form your stains.
  • Laser Whitening: A laser whitening tool is used to stimulate the gel, enhancing the effectiveness of both light and tool. Together, they’ll brighten your smile by one or more shades.

That’s it, three simple steps, and your smile will be brighter and whiter than ever!

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