Silent Corrosion: The Cost Of Ignoring Oral Health Risks of Acid Reflux

To the people of Murphy, TX, Countryside Smiles is seen as the home of exceptional dental care with a personalized focus. Dr. Jaspreet Gill and the team offer routine dental care and innovative solutions for multiple oral health challenges. Acid reflux is a common problem faced by thousands of people worldwide. This condition has oral health consequences for its sufferers. Beyond heartburn and feeling uncomfortable after a meal, acid reflux has the potential to damage our teeth. Understanding the potential risk and how to limit its ability to hurt our smile is the start to having a healthy smile while living with acid reflux.

Silent Corrosion: The Cost Of Ignoring Oral Health Risks of Acid Reflux

Understanding the risk that acid reflux poses to our smile starts with recognizing that stomach acid is indiscriminately corrosive. When outside the protective lining of the stomach, it can cause notable discomfort and damage to our tissues. Enamel is no exception. The enamel softens, weakens, and erodes as our teeth are bathed with stomach acid. Dr. Gill has identified patients with acid reflux simply by the advanced signs of dental wear they experience. All too often, these patients haven’t even considered the damage their condition was causing to their smile.  

Some basic facts related to our oral health and acid reflux include:

  • Enamel is the most resilient substance in our body, but it isn’t indestructible. Every time we eat, our enamel softens for a while afterward. It also does this when bathed by acid from any source, including stomach acid. Once it wears away, it cannot be replaced, and our body doesn’t regrow it.
  • Sensitive teeth, chips, dents, and yellowing of the teeth are all signs that you may be experiencing damage from acid reflux. The yellowing is caused when the enamel wears down and begins to reveal the dentin layer underneath.
  • Our diet can severely exacerbate acid reflux. Taking steps to moderate our diet and understand our triggers can help protect our teeth by reducing incidents of acid reflux.

We can take steps to protect our smile while living with acid reflux. These tips are for those seeking proactive ways to limit the damage this condition can cause to our smile.

  • Neutralize The Acid: A little water with some baking soda can neutralize the acid in our mouths, including stomach acid.
  • Limit Acidic Beverages: Acidic drinks such as citrus juices, wines, sodas, coffee, and tea with lemon can all contribute to the erosion of our teeth.
  • Dental Sealants: These protective layers are available from our clinic. They are quick, easy, and affordable and can protect your teeth from damage when combined with regular dental hygiene.
  • Eat Dairy: Dairy products are excellent at neutralizing the acid in our mouths.

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